Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Need fabric? I need to purge again.

I bought a big lot of fabric that had several pieces in it I cannot use.

Each piece is 1/2 yard and 36 inches wide with selvedges intact. These fabrics are in nice condition, not stained or holey, etc. It looks like she bought them, folded them on the shelf and never looked at them again.

$2 per half yard piece.

$1 to ship one, $2 to ship two, $3 to ship three and so on. If you need a lot (or all!) flat rate priority is probably the cheapest shipping.

email me at makinprojiks@gmail.com to buy.

Pics are a little dark because it has been so darn rainy.
red yellow print
black plaid, pink roses
blue floral
blue bricks
pink and orange flowers
red and tan bricks
blue and lime green plaid (poor photo)
blue roses
blue and green paisley
black plaid

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