Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Old wedding ring

This is an older wedding ring quilt that someone decided she would "fix" or finish at some point. I am guessing fix since there are some blue areas on the back that look old. When she "fixed" it she backed it with a vintage flowery sheet and added poly batting. It has been HAND quilted to the new backing.

This beauty is in rough shape, but the little pieces of fabric are fascinating to explore. It is certainly suitable for cutting, but I just can't do it. I used to hang it over the basement railing at the old house.

Lot's of wear.
Particularly to the middle.
Still sweet!
Sheet on the back.


Huge pink and white cross stitch roses

Aside from two large stains, one in the center and one at the edge, this huge pink and white quilt is in good condition. (I am pretty sure I can get those two stains out, it just hasn't been sunny enough yet.) I assume it is fairly modern, the fabrics might be a cotton poly blend, and it is pretty lightweight, which means a poly batting. There are no holes or tears.
Wind blew the edge in a bit.
She has cross stitched the roses and it has been machine quilted in a swirly pattern.

The backing fabric and the prairie point edges are pink.


Mid century modern feedsacks

This quilt is smaller, more like lap quilt sized and heavy for it's size. In good condition, no holes, tears or any large areas of staining.
It's a simple block pattern.
And while there is no way to be 100% certain once they are cut, I am pretty sure the printed fabrics were cut from feedsacks.
The back has been pieced together out of heavy muslin that was probably also from feedsacks.


Robins egg blue with embroidery

Robins egg blue with embroidered blocks. (It looks like a much more harsh blue on my computer than it is.)Prairie point edges. I am fairly sure this has never been washed as some of the blue embroidery markings are present.

Machine quilted.
One hole.
Some staining to the block areas.