Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Quilt tops

Two quilt tops, $15 each plus $8 to ship them to you.
This one is smaller, but has some really lovely fabrics in it.
Including hula girls.
It was paper pieced and still has the remnants of newspapers sewn to the back.
This one is bigger with nile green borders and a bow tie pattern.
And also has some very interesting fabrics in it.
There are 26 tablecloths. This is going to sound crazy but I would like to sell them either in one or two lots. Tablecloths are just heavy and a pain in the rumpus to ship.
(Same lot, different photo.) I *think* I can just shove them all in a huge box and ship them fed ex, which should be loads cheaper since it will be very heavy. Before I take any money for them though I will need to verify that. It could be an instant collection for someone. If you are at all interested in the tablecloths we are going need to talk money via email. They are cheap, but I do expect it to be about $20 to ship them all.

If you are interested in anything email me at DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT HERE. I dont have a clue what email this blog goes to. LOL