Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tablecloth blow out

Blogger has a mind of it's own and has rotated some of the photos. My apologies about that.

$5 each + shipping. Shipping for most of them will be $6. (Some are really light, those might be cheaper depending on where you live.)

 If you want to buy a bunch I can probably fit 4 or 5 in a large flat rate box for $15.30. Three or four in a medium flat rate box for $11.30.

If there is a hole in the close up photo for that tablecloth it means that one has at least one small hole. They are small holes and do not render them unusable.

Some of them need a soak + sun for staining. I have NOT aggressively tried to clean them.

Two of them have a small amount of rust on them (I took photos of that) and I can tell you how to get that out.
#1 This one is REALLY yellowed, but I never had the heart to remove the original label to soak it.




#5 one hole right near the center



This is a paint stain, so it isnt coming out.
several small holes.



#12 this is natural colored linen
with a very old repair here
fugitive dye (there would have been a rose or something in those spots)
#14 Great for thanksgiving - is an apricot color


#16 really quite faded and soft

#17 one of my personal favorites, so much that I apparently bought it twice.

I cannot decide if this has a fugitive dye problem or is just yellowed.

Please email the number you are interested in to makinprojiks@gmail.com

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Quilt tops

Two quilt tops, $15 each plus $8 to ship them to you.
This one is smaller, but has some really lovely fabrics in it.
Including hula girls.
It was paper pieced and still has the remnants of newspapers sewn to the back.
This one is bigger with nile green borders and a bow tie pattern.
And also has some very interesting fabrics in it.
There are 26 tablecloths. This is going to sound crazy but I would like to sell them either in one or two lots. Tablecloths are just heavy and a pain in the rumpus to ship.
(Same lot, different photo.) I *think* I can just shove them all in a huge box and ship them fed ex, which should be loads cheaper since it will be very heavy. Before I take any money for them though I will need to verify that. It could be an instant collection for someone. If you are at all interested in the tablecloths we are going need to talk money via email. They are cheap, but I do expect it to be about $20 to ship them all.

If you are interested in anything email me at makinprojiks@gmail.com. DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT HERE. I dont have a clue what email this blog goes to. LOL

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Need fabric? I need to purge again.

I bought a big lot of fabric that had several pieces in it I cannot use.

Each piece is 1/2 yard and 36 inches wide with selvedges intact. These fabrics are in nice condition, not stained or holey, etc. It looks like she bought them, folded them on the shelf and never looked at them again.

$2 per half yard piece.

$1 to ship one, $2 to ship two, $3 to ship three and so on. If you need a lot (or all!) flat rate priority is probably the cheapest shipping.

email me at makinprojiks@gmail.com to buy.

Pics are a little dark because it has been so darn rainy.
red yellow print
black plaid, pink roses
blue floral
blue bricks
pink and orange flowers
red and tan bricks
blue and lime green plaid (poor photo)
blue roses
blue and green paisley
black plaid