Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tablecloth Explosion

TO BUY ANYTHING YOU SEE PICTURED HERE, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT Comments left here go to an email box I don't use very often!

Sorry the shipping is high on the cloths, but they are big and heavy. :-(

I will ship internationally, but you will need to get a different shipping quote.

All photos are clickable to enlarge.

I can accept paypal.

Embroidered toaster cover, measures 16 x 6 inches- $1, plus $1 shipping
#1 Cutter Christmas cloth with sleds, ornaments, etc. measures 65 x 50, but this has suffered from contact with oxiclean, which means that a lot of the gold print is eaten totally through in spots - $2, plus $4.50 shipping.

#2 Christmas candles, measures 54 x 62, has some yellow staining in the center area, but I don't think I have really tried to remove them, $7, plus $4.50 shipping

I AM SOLD!#3 Big pink fruit cloth, has 2 small "thin areas", a few stains, otherwise good condition, HUGE unusual cloth (I only have one other pink one), measures 61 x 82, $10, plus $4.50 shipping

#4 Tropical fruit cloth, has a loose hem on the bottom edge, one hole in a pineapple (I think it is smaller than a dime), measures 45 x 63, $5 plus $4.50 shipping

#5 cute pink flowers, measures 49 x 45, overall fading, $5, plus $4.50 shipping

#6 Christmas bows and holly, this one is in pretty good condition, suitable for Christmas dinner for sure, measures 51 x 81 $10, plus $4.50 shipping